STORIES of people who have overcome


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WATCH NOW: STAN JOHNSON Born in Liberia, West Africa, The LMU men's basketball coach Stan Johnson opened up and shared how hard was to leave his home country [...]

#104 Jay Williams -Life Is Not An Accident

Jason David Williams is a former professional basketball player and current TV  analyst. He played college ball at Duke and professionally for the Chicago Bulls in the NBA. Photo credit to: https://www.futureofpersonalhealth.com/mental-health/jay-williams-shares-his-story-of-depression-and-addiction/# [...]

#102 Anthony Ujah -End Racism

Anthony Ujah is a Nigerian professional footballer who plays forward for Union Berlin in the Bundesliga and for the Nigeria national team. From playing soccer barefoot to being one of the Bundesliga's stars, [...]

#101 Jay Bruce -Talent Is Overrated

Jay Bruce is an American former MLB right fielder. He has played for the Cincinnati Reds, New York Mets, Cleveland Indians, Seattle Mariners, Philadelphia Phillies and New York Yankees. Jay spent 2008-2021 [...]



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