Who doesn’t love a good underdog story?? We believe that everyone has encountered an underdog moment at some point in life. And while some moments may seem larger than others, we believe that every single one carries a lesson.


The Underdog Podcast is a place where we share the commonalities between coaching leadership and business leadership with entrepreneurs to help them relate, learn and grow in their businesses.

Calvin Blackmon is one of our hosts. When he’s not behind the mic, you can find him with his wife and kids or researching our next guest. His dream guest would have been Kobe Bryant, but now he’s chasing Steph Curry.

Kyle Decker is one of our hosts. When he’s not behind the mic or strategizing on how to grow one of our Riley Decker Companies, you can find him playing outside with his boys and wife. His dream guest is Lebron James.

Patrick Riley is our producer. He is a University of Cincinnati alum and proud supporter of everything FC Cincinnati. His dream guest is Bert Kreischer.

Tiffany Feeley manages our marketing. She enjoys spending time with her family, drinking White Claws and making TikToks (blame it on COVID-19). Her dream guest is Dana Linn Bailey.

Zac Odom is our brand ambassador. When he isn’t hustling for our sister company The Job Center, he enjoys trading in the stock market and staying active. His dream guest is David Ortiz.

Keegan Riley is our social media guru. If Keegan isn’t promoting our brand, you’ll find him near a body of water getting ready for his next bass fishing competition. His dream guest is Derrick Rose.

Alicia Snider is our chief bean counter, or CBC for short. She loves her family, her dog and running, and she’s a former table tennis state champion in Kentucky. Her dream guest is Travis Pastrana.


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