Our guest this week is Megan Duffy head coach for Marquette University women’s basketball team.

She reminisces about high school days with our host, Calvin (they both attended Chaminade Julienne Catholic High School in Dayton, OH).

Her love for the game started young. Her high school coach put her in situations regularly where she wouldn’t always be able to find success allowing her to grow her leadership skills and develop her grit.

Her senior year her team was number one in the nation and she tore her ACL. This devastating injury opened her eyes to the mental side of the game.

She ultimately went on to play college ball at Notre Dame and continued to work hard at not only her skill but her leadership.

She was recently named Big East Coach of the Year. She is now coaching young women on and off the court on how to leave their MARQ.

Apologies for the sound quality issue. We had a failure with our main recording and had to resort to the zoom recording audio.

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