“A lot of people believe where I am today, is where I have to stay.”

Owner and Author, Dr. Karen Townsend sheds light on her journey and why growing up on welfare drove her to become the successful business owner and first-generation college graduate she is today.

In the 5th grade, she decided she was going to go to college. As she shares in the podcast, “education gives you options,” so she counted down every year because it was her ticket to a better life.

She opens up about the lowest point in her life preceded by two miscarriages and how over TiME (reading her book – link below – will help you understand this creative version of the word) we forget to take care of ourselves.

Owner of Townsend Consulting an organizational development firm focused on developing people.

Founder of About My Sister – The mission of this organization is to empower 1 million women & girls. This organization started in Dayton, OH and will be traveling to Dubai in March 2020!

Author of: It All Started When I Stopped Using Lotion – One Woman’s Journey from Chaos to Calm

This will surely be a treat and a reminder to purchase your “lotion” (and her book)!

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