A retired Marine Corporal, Josh Sams shares his catastrophic story of how he lost both his lower legs and the last two digits on his right hand during a tour in Afghanistan.

He walks us through the moment the IED exploded sharing his initial thought, and the hardships of his recovery process. The doctors informed his loved ones he would probably never walk again, but miraculously after 3 dozen surgeries and 5 intense months in the ICU, and many more months of rehab and recovery he was able to defy medical expectations and walk using his prosthetics.
You too will be inspired by his story and ability to never give up.

He officially retired from the Marines in 2015 and completed a promise he made to himself by enrolling back in college. He earned his Criminal Justice degree and is currently working for the Sheriff’s department.

Enjoy this salute to our featured veteran and all other veterans who have fought and those still fighting for our freedom today.

Josh’s preferred charities:

Semper Fi Fund / Americas Fund

Homes For Our Troops