In this episode, Kyle and Calvin sit down with MLB legends Johnny Damon and Jason Motte at the Bluegrass World Series.

Johnny Damon
Born into a military family on an Army base in Kansas, Johnny learned to overcome adversity at an early age. While you know him for his 18-year career & a 2-time world series appearance, it was the stuttering issue he resolved through song that taught him that life will be tough but you have to learn how to deal. He now lives in Orlando, FL raising his 8 children taking advantage of his platform to continue to raise awareness.

Jason Motte
Born in Port Huron, MI he was drafted in 2003. He played for four teams over a span of 9 years including the St. Louis Cardinals 2011 World Series victory over the Detroit Tigers. Now he spends his days support The Jason Motte Foundation with the goal to strike out cancer.

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