You can spot this man from across the room. Yes, he is tall. But what you wouldn’t be able to observe from his stoic expression, is his humor.

He is intelligent and he is passionate. After our conversation with him, it was evident that he joined the University of Cincinnati as head basketball coach because he was a good fit.

He shares how a written (yes folks with paper) letter opened up a door in his colligate career after an abusive experience with a coach. His transfer from Morehead State University to Marshall University was a pivotal moment in his life.

Born and raised in Northern Kentucky, his parents shaped his perception of hard work. He recalls examples of his father’s persistence and his mother burning the midnight oil to ensure that her family and professional life flourished.

He has faced many challenges as a young coach. He is humble and realistic and faces a monumental challenge as the new coach. Tune in to hear how he intends to attack the new season.

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