Our guest this week is head football coach, Chuck Martin.

With the odds stacked against him, Coach Martin left a success team at Norte Dame to take over an 0-12 Miami University program in 2014.

Coach speaks to his decision informing host, Kyle Decker and Calvin Blackmon (both former Miami Redhawks football alum) that there is a fine line between courageousness and foolishness. Although financially he took a hit, three things that went into his decision:

  1. Miami’s tradition – the Cradle of Coaches & the opportunity to turn around one of proudest programs in the country
  2. His drive to be a head coach again
  3. His family – Oxford really suited his family

When he started preparation for his first season it was the hurtles off the field that were most apparent. No one was talking to each other. He spent the first 1-2 years working on structure with weekly meetings and coming together on a central goal.

Coach Martin himself was a two-sport athlete and admits that he played because he loved the game and looks for that same passion in his coaching staff and new recruits.

When it comes to adversity, he embraced the unpredictable pandemic by challenging his coaches to figure out how to support the athletes. He encouraged his coaches get creative with Zoom meetings. Focusing on safe workouts at home and community service. They started a reading program and pushed the team to get out of their comfort zone by connecting with those in isolation at a local retirement community.

He also jumped right into recruiting.

The 4 things Coach Martin looks for in a recruit:

  1. Find kids that want to play
  2. Love for the game – You don’t always win
  3. Interest in getting a Miami education
  4. Lastly, a desire to be coached

We think these four points go beyond the gridiron. Thank you, Coach Martin!